Posted on: August 7, 2011 1:55 am

Starting Sooner Running Back?

At the moment, Jonathan Miller of Namaan Forest in Texas is starting at RB for the Sooners. The RS Sophomore Miller stands at 6-1 205 pounds and has 4.5 speed. Brennan Clay currently is the number 2 "rotational" RB.
Posted on: June 23, 2011 10:22 am

John Michael McGee-Proud to Be a Sooner!

John Michael McGee out of Texarkana, Texas committed to OU last night. The 6'4 255 pound offensive guard chose the Sooners over Alabama, Auburn and USC. He is the number 2 guard in the nation and a top 100 player nationally. I spoke to McGee last night. He is electric about being a Sooner and is hoping to sway other elite recruits to join the Sooners!
Posted on: June 17, 2011 8:02 pm

Corey Nelson: A Journey Worth Traveled

It appeared linebacker Corey Nelson was all but signed to play for the Texas A&M Aggies last season. He had been committed over six months and National Signing Day was nearing. Rumors leaked he had de-committed from the Aggies and then had  committed to the Oklahoma Sooners in January of 2010. He fended off these rumors saying he is an Aggie at heart. On Signing Day he surprisingly had two colleges papers on his desk at the Signing Day party at his high school, Dallas Skyline. Nelson's teammate Joe Powell was committed to the Oklahoma Sooners as a WR recruit. Powell now a cornerback for the Sooners, broke the news on a Sooner radio station that Corey Nelson had just signed with the Oklahoma Sooners. It was an eruption of madness to be remembered. Aggie fans immediately wished their former linebacker commit the worst. Nelson received threats, and slurs. However Nelson stayed to his word and kept silent. This time he was serious. He wanted to be a Sooner and that was final. He actually had admitted that he always loved OU but chose the Aggies early because recruiters told him if he went to OU he could never get a job in the state of Texas ever again. These just were lies as Nelson quickley learned and he moved on from those scary thoughts. Nelson joined the sooner team last summer. Practice after practice he dazzled coaches, players and alumni. His athleticism, knowledge for football, and skill at the linebacker position showed often during his frehsman year later on. Bob Stoops was quoted as saying Nelson was the farthest ahead and quote on quote best freshman linebacker to ever play in the Stoops Era.

Nelson now a sophmore has found a bigger role. He likely will rotate with Tom Wort at the middle linebacker position. He was so good in the spring Travis Lewis said that the coaches will be putting Corey Nelson in over myself. He is far more talented than me, Lewis said. That is a big compliment coming from a pretty talented linbacker in Travis Lewis who opted to stay on for his enior season instead of enter the NFL Draft last April. In the Spring Coaches knew Nelson had to get on the field...But where?  He was most likely going to be used like fellow Sophomore Tony Jefferson. This meant in certain packages only.

May 19, 2011 this all changed. Austin Box, the Sooners starting Middle linebacker tragicallly passed away. Tom Wort was supposed to rotate with the redshirt senior Box. Wort now becomes the starter at MLB and Nelson's duty is to rotate. Trying to fill a void left by a beloved sooner linebacker. Yet who better to step in at MLB than the talented Corey Nelson. Bob Stoopps recently said, "We must never forget Austin, yet we must move on." Nelson serves as a visual fact of this quote. Nelson will step in and play well.    But he will never be Austin Box. He is Corey Nelson and we msut accept this fact. Few people realize that when Nelson steps on the field, that he will be in Austin's place. Athlon magazine projected the phenom Nelson to be an All-American this year. Who better to represent our Austin Box than Nelson. 

Corey Nelson now stands at 6'1 230 pounds. He has ran a legit 4.5 for sooner coaches in the 40 yard dash. The former Dallas Skyline star has came a long way since his commitment to Texas A&M.    Now in his second year with the Sooners Nelson looks to have a big season. His goal is nothing less than a national title.        *EAW44*
Posted on: June 16, 2011 10:15 am

Why Barry Sanders Jr.?

The latest list of the top high school football players in Oklahoma was released. Barry Sanders sits utop the list at the number 1 spot. Alex Ross, an OU pledge was placed in the number 2 slot. How? Alex Ross plays for Jenks, the best competition in the state and stands at 6'1 205. While Barry Sanders plays for Heritage Hall. Though they did when the State Championship last season, their competition level is only 2A. Jenks is 6A. By every NATIONAL recruitng service Alex Ross is ranked above Sanders though in the state, mysteriously he falls behind Sanders. It is clear Sanders is a good back. Yet where would he be ranked if his name was not...Barry Sanders JR.

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Posted on: June 15, 2011 7:07 pm

Recruitng Update 6:06!

The rumor is top QB prospect Gunner Kiel is currently on a visit to Alabama. Kiel was supposed to announce his collegiate decision last Sunday however opted out of the decision. He visited OU last week and his finalists are OU and Alabama!
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Posted on: June 13, 2011 7:46 pm

Breaking News to come soon!

Inside sources are saying  an elite recruit has the sooners #1 on his list. When I can confirm this I will release the name of the blue chipper!

Leave comments, questions or concerns!  
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Posted on: July 6, 2010 7:54 pm

Brey Cook to Arkansas

6'7 300 pound offensive tackle Brey Cook from Springdale Arkansas, chose Arkansas over OU!
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Posted on: July 5, 2010 2:24 am

Brey Cook News, Stay tuned!

The Brey Cook sweepstakes, are coming to a very heated close between, Arkansas and Oklahoma. The highly touted offensive tackle would seem right in a sooner uniform as he would get excellent publicity. But Arkansas offers the home feeling and leaves the skeptics and critics to bother another recruit if Cook did indeed become a hog, meaning he would not be publicly tormented for the next year while in Arkansas if he opted to play for Stoops and his sooners of Noman, Oklahoma. It is clear, if Cook chooses with his heart it probably is Arkansas due to living there all his life, if he uses his brain he will be a sooner this time next week!

Note= From here on out, it is crunch time! Cook could commit at any moment this week, and stay tuned each day to my blog and threads as I will get every bit of Brey Cook news, insight or yes committment decisions, on the hour to you the fans. Please leave comments or questions be glad to help as always, I am. Please feel free to join the Soonerguyz as the number of members has jumped jurastically, and hopefully will be a continual success! This group provides a behind the lines, inside look on recruiting and inside the program news specializing in the football area but free to all sooner sports! Thanks to all who have joined! Just sharing in the Sooner legacy! Boomer!


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